Tips To Help You Sleep

There is no “be all and end all” solution for those of us who are bothered by sleep disorders or sleep deprivation. Here are some sleep tips to help you sleep better:

– Always give yourself 2-3 hours digestion time after a meal before retiring for the day. Otherwise you will feel bloated and uncomfortable when trying to fall asleep especially after a relatively heavy meal.

– Stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee, cola or strong teas as the caffeine in them act as a stimulant and will keep you awake. Drink chamomile tea if you have to as it helps calm the body and prepares you for a good nights sleep.

– Try to incorporate any kind of regular physical activity (gym workouts, jogging, weight training, or any cardiovascular related exercises) throughout the week. Research has shown that people who engage in these activities on a regular basis get far deeper sleep than those who don’t. It is important to not do any strenuous activity just before sleep time as this interrupts with the body’s natural senses to prepare for sleep.

– Relaxation or calming exercises should be done in preparation for bed time. Exercises like yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises can help calm the mind and soothe the body for better quality sleep. One simple relaxation method you can perform is to ly down on your bed with your back on the mattress and your hands by your side. Now close your eyes and try to focus on relaxing the muscles in your toes. Visualize on relaxing every toe and work your way up your body from your feet to your head, slowly relaxing every body part. Feel your body slowly sink and become one with the mattress. This particular exercise has helped me sleep countless times.

– Create an ideal environment in your bedroom for sleep. This means making sure that the bedroom is just for sleep; so leave the computer and tv and anything else that can stimulate the senses outside. Many people tend to have a tv, computer, or a mini home theatre system in their bedroom and often they feel that these will help them relax and sleep. For example, many people inadvertently fall asleep in front of the tv. However, they are not conducive to getting good quality sleep.

– Having comfortable pillows and mattress to sleep in seem like common sense, but a lot of people neglect these simple sleep necessities when they are having problems sleeping. Out-of-shape pillows or a lumpy bed can rid you of your precious sleep. Investing in a good set of mattress and pillows can sometimes make all the difference in getting that hard earned sleep each night.

– Certain prescription drugs can also pose problems for sleep. Medicine for allergy, antidepressants, cardio or heart related medicine, blood pressure medication and stimulants are all infamous for their side effects and can cause disruptions to the body’s natural state of well being.

– Avoid alcohol during sleep time as it not only makes visits to the bathroom more frequent, but reduces your sleep quality.

In fighting the various sleep disorders, remember that different people will react differently to the sleep tips we have provided in here. Through trail and error you can learn to use what works for you. Natural sleep remedies have certainly helped with my sleep problems. Best of luck in your quest for good quality sleep!